1994 Hanoverian Stallion — liver chestnut, 167cm (Weltburger [Weltmeyer] x Bella (Brentano])


09jul-worldwide2In 1996 Vollrath purchased a second stallion from Germany: Worldwide P.B. (Weltbuerger-Bella [Brentano II]) a perfect complement for Dynamit and all other hanoverian stallions in New Zealand.

Worldwide P.B. was provisionally licensed in December 1996, and ranked 16/40 for rideability in his 100-day performance test in Adelheidsdorf.

He did not reach the necessary 90 points for registration with the NZHS due to his jumping under saddle – he was placed 34/40. The test rider Dr. Ulf Moller gave Worldwide the note 4, which disqualified him from being licensed. The stallion was taken without our consent from Adelheidsdorf to the sales venue in Verden, where he already had found a buyer – guess who was the sales agent .=. Dr. U. Moller … makes you wonder, doesn’t it!

In December 2006 Worldwide was sold to Claire Seidl-Wickins from Australia who enjoyed great competition success with him.

Worldwide P.B. changed owners once more in 2012 and is now owned by Joann Formosa. The combination won gold for Australia at the 2012 Paralympics in London.

Worldwide P.B is registered with the NZWHA. However due to his own performance as a top dressage stallion under Claire Seidl-Wickens he received the full international license with the Hannoveraner Verband in May 2009.


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