dynamit-supersire(Ger) 1981-1998 black Hanoverian stallion – DE4313138079-981; 169cm / 16.3 hh
(Dynamo (Don Carlos / Goldfalk) / ex Elfi (Eger II (Agram / Fechtmeister)

Dynamit – a tribute

Dynamit is the foundation sire of Vollrath Hanoverians. He was voted the Horse and Pony Sport Horse Super Sire in 1997 and 1998.

dynamitA black 16.3hh horse, Dynamit was born in 1981 and died in November, 1998.

Dynamit underwent his performance testing in 1984 in Adelheidsdorf. He was placed 18th of 70 with a total index of 114.04 points. He was imported to New Zealand in 1992.

Dynamit, a B-Grade Showjumper in his own right, was retired to stud at age six. The photo at left shows him jumping in September 1991 in Germany just a few months before arriving in NZ.


Dominik T and Stephanie Tovey.

Dominik T and Stephanie Tovey.

His progeny were excellent jumping and dressage horses. At the NZ Dressage Championships 2000 the following six Dynamit offspring achieved placings in their grades: Damask, Dauntless, Dyson, Devastation, Doonebaggo and of course Dominik T.

With rider Stephanie Tovey, Dominik T was re-selected in the ID Squad, and Stephanie was named Dressage Young Rider of the Year at the Awards Dinner by popular vote.




dynamit-dynamoDynamit’s sire


1974, Brown 16.2hh. HLP 1977: 104 // 16/28.

He scored in the ’90 stallion ratings 5th in showjumping, 8th in dressage.



Dynamo’s sire


1962 blk/brown, 16.1 hh HLP 1965 70.0 // 13/14

At the licensing he was a very doubtful candidate scraping in because of his pedigree — what foresight as he is nowadays undoubtedly the multi-millionaire via his progeny performance.



dynamit-dominikDon Carlos’s sire


br 1957, 16.1hh, by DOEMITZ I 1944.

The connection is to Witzbold, Distelfink, Genius, Anamour and our Dynamit.


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