Fürst Patrick

2007, ch gelding
by Fürst Piccolo (by Fidermark) ex Rieke (by Red Patrick xx).

May 2014

May 2014

Fürst Patrick (paddock name Filou) carries most powerful and non existing dressage bloodlines in NZ.

Prizes won by Theite Hackfeld and Fürst Patrick. What a season for Theite and Filou! (5/18/2014) - This is the display at Theite's home on her welcome return, after her time at Vollrath riding Fürst Patrick aka Filou.
Winners for Vollrath at National Dressage Championships (3/4/2014) - Vollrath horses had another successful outing at the New Zealand dressage championships in Feilding over the weekend.
Three Taranaki dressage champions for 2014! (2/17/2014) - Vollrath horses picked up three of the titles at the Taranaki championships.

He arrived 17-02-08 at Vollrath.

This horse is serious Fun!!!!

Filou is a great horse for a smaller rider with ambitions to go Grand Prix.

He is not fussy in the mouth which means no problems with either snaffle or double bridle.

He is now settling well into his collected work with a cadenced, expressive trot and an unbelievably powerful, adjustable canter.

He is getting comfortable with the transitions over two gaits and the flying changes are becoming reliable.

He is very eager and forward in his work which makes daily schooling a joy.

On top of all this, he is a dream to do anything with from catching to basic handling, to shoeing, clipping and transporting.

Also great fun and safe on the beach alone and in company and not fazed by trucks or motorbikes on the road.

You couldn’t wish for a better horse, all in one neat package!

» Read about his winning performances

What a power movement – Jutta was beside herself – she claimed at the time that she had never seen a foal move like him. Berny reckons he saw this already when he bought him.

Now gelded, Filou has several progeny at Vollrath, the oldest of whom are yearlings.

Pictured below in May, 2014:




Fürst Piccolo

Fürst Piccolo

His sire Fürst Piccolo is one of the most desired stallions at the Northrhine-Westfalen State Stud. He had everybody talking about his offspring at the many shows and auctions over the past seasons.

The Fidermark son has produced top foals for the NRW Elite Spring Auction, for the NRW Elite Foal Auction and for the NRW Summer Auction. The top-selling foal set a new record for the auction at Handorf.

The winner of the German foal Championship was a Fürst Piccolo daughter; the two Westfalen foal champions in 2006 were also his get.

His older offspring are also on top. In Rhineland as well as Westfalen, Fürst Piccolo daughters regularly march into one of the final placings at the elite mare shows. Also, at many of the mare tests Fürst Piccolo daughters finish on top. In Wickrath, Fleet Street won easily with the dream note of 10.0.

Fürst Piccolo’s son Fürstenau placed high in the finals at the Bundeschampionat (German Championships for young horses) in the riding horse class and third at the Westfalen Championships.

Due to the success of his offspring and his own show success (he has placings at the M/A level), the FN commission values this stallion’s overall raking in breeding at 144 points. With this score, Fürst Piccolo belongs among the best of Dressage producers in Germany. He has positioned himself well in this scene by already producing 7 approved stallions and 19 state’s premium mares.

Fürst Piccolo was a premium stallion at the NRW Approval in 1999. He easily won his Stallion Performance Test a year later with 136.98 points, and he clearly dominated the dressage index with 141.73 points.

Fürst Piccolo is listed in the main studbook of the Westfalen, Rhineland, Hanoverian and Bavarian Association. EU semen and frozen semen for Australia and the USA is available.

His Dam’s sire, Mephistopheles, is a son of the well know Trakehner stallion, Mackensen.



Fidermark, one of the most used stallions of the Westfalian studbook, died unexpectedly in his stall at the Johann Hinnemann’s stallion station in Voerde, Germany, at the age of 11 in 2003.

He was the reserve champion at the 1994 Westfalian Stallion Licensing in Munster and later on won the Stallion Performance Test with 141.74 points.

In 1996, Fidermark won the Bundeschampionat in the 4-year old stallion division under Michael Farwick.

Through the connections of Johan Hinnemann, the Westfalian stud offered Fidermark as a ride to Marlies Van Baalen. Under the 23-year-old Dutch rider, Fidermark rose to stardom. Van Baalen and Fidermark qualified for the 2000 Nürnberg Burgpokal Finals. The pair reached Grand Prix level.

Fidermark had 21 licensed sons, amongst which Fürst Piccolo, Feinsinn, Fiderwind, and Fiano are most known. Son Fürst Fabio was the first get to win the Bundeschampionat in the 3-year-old class. Fidermark also sired the auction highlight Farwick, who was sold to Rudolf Zeilinger for €160,000.

Fürst Piccolo


Breeding Statistics – 2003 to Westfalian Licensed Stallions
April 6, 2004The “Reiter und Pferde in Westfalen” magazine published the statistics of the 2003 matings to Westfalian licensed stallions. These figures were highly interesting if you wanted to know what the latest breeding trends were.
2003 breeding leader is the dressage sire Fürst Piccolo with 286 offspring.
In 2003 the Westfalian studbook registered approximately 6600 matings in total to Westfalian licensed stallions. Leading sire was Fürst Piccolo, a 1997 liver chestnut stallion by Fidermark x Mephistopheles, standing 16.1hh.
Fürst Piccolo was a premium stallion at the NRW main approval in 1999 and won the 100 day test in 2000 with high scores. His crop of foals was sold at the Munster Elite auctions for top prices.
Source: Reiter und Pferd in Westfalen

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