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Date: 29.11.2005
Author: Kelle
Location: Auckland
Mmmm mmmmmm YUM!! I LOVE the Hanoverians...I remember as a young girl, I used to compete at the Equestrian events, and this one show had two, big black Hanoverians - every year (they had to keep away from the little ponies!) and when they competed in the 'double's'...well! the whole show stopped!! YUM!! I LOVE!! Dornkaat and we have been warriors in past lives,no doubt. I am going to do everything in my power today to own him...be in touch. Thank you for the oppourtunty to see. Love. Kelle
Date: 27.11.2005
Author: Netta Burnside
Location: New Plymouth
Very Good site, easy to follow and pleasing on the eye especially Dornkaat. I am looking for a new horse at the moment but somehow I dont think my husband would appreciate me selling his car collection to buy Dornkaat.
Date: 17.11.2005
Author: Merlyn Gibson
Location: Auckland
Congratualations on your great web site. I am delighted that our NEW IMAGE products (merlyn.gibson@newimageasia.com) have been of proven quality for you.
Date: 10.11.2005
Author: Teena
Location: Tauranga
Your horses are absolutely beautiful I have done a reasonable amount of dressage and I love doing it but I have not had the money to continue so I sadly had to sell all of my horses. I would love to have a gelding that was as beautiful and skilled as one of your horses one day and I crave riding each and every day although I would need some training now as I have forgotton most of my dressage schooling but I don't think it would take long for it to all come back to me.
Date: 7.11.2005
Author: robert
Location: well
thank you for website.
Date: 10.10.2005
Author: Maureen Drylie
Location: Eltham, Taranaki
Lovely horses ! Wish I had a suitable broodmare -
Date: 6.10.2005
Location: usa
Great Work Guys! Really it is wonderful to visit your site! Cheers for the site!. Thanks a lot !
Date: 18.9.2005
Author: Jo
Location: Methven
Hi Jutta and Berny,
Hope you remember me, I was instructed alot by you at Brunswick Pony Club on a very tempermental black TB Tiggy, thought I'd say hi as I stumbled across your site it looks wonderful. Also Tiggy's doing great, He's at Mums in the King Country playing uncle too a 1 year old gelding and would you believe he just turned 24!
Awesome to see things going well and I think the new stallion looks great.
Date: 29.8.2005
Author: Nik Hassan Salleh
Location: Kelantan, Malaysia
Thank you for the beautiful insight and info on Hanoverians!
Date: 23.8.2005
Author: Gramps Lamps
Excellent Site! Thank-you!
Date: 21.7.2005
Author: DanielT
Location: wi us
Hi. I don't usually sign guestbooks, but I was so impressed with yours, that I had to sign it. Thanks for sharing your website. DanielT
Date: 19.7.2005
Author: Tomas Karlsson
Location: usa
Your website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on yours. Keep on the good work :-)
Date: 17.6.2005
Author: Noel Vears
Location: Adelaide South Australia
Just a note from an old aquaintance. You may remember me as the Police Officer who rode your chestnut gelding in the Australia and New Zealand Police Games in 1996. I still talk about him qite often. He was wonderful for me and I again say thank you for letting me use him at the Games. I was having a clean out the other day and found the German Police Shirt that Berny gave me. Also the Vollrath Stud cap from which I am able to get in contact with you. Hope you are both well and still breeding wonderful horses. Will get in contact again soon Regards Noel and Kay.
Date: 2.5.2005
Author: Sara
Location: napier
Wow what a beautiful stud, I really like your offspring and current stallions!! As I'm only 16yrs your stud is what I dream to own when I'm older!!!
Date: 26.4.2005
Author: Beverley
Location: South Africa
Beautiful Horses, and a great site!
Date: 11.4.2005
Author: Claire Revell
Location: Taihape
hello i love your web site Vollrath Lessing is beautiful and i would die to have a horse with such beauty. Could you tell me what he has done??
Date: 4.4.2005
Author: Lee Morris
Location: Matamata
Hello Berny
Excellent website and of course beautiful horses. It is good to see so much international interest.
Date: 2.4.2005
Author: Hans Latayka
Location: Neuenhausen
Herzliche Grüße von einem echten Sankhasen us der Höt henger Muggels!
Date: 2.4.2005
Author: julia
Location: kleinenbroich, germany
hallo berny, habe gerade den artikel über dich und deine familie in der "ngz" gelesen und dachte mir schau mal auf die internetseite, tolle pferde habt ihr. so grüß mir neuseeland, und ich grüße euch. machts gut. julia
Date: 31.3.2005
Author: Siggi Wernike
Location: Mieste
Hallo ihr in Wanganui-1000 Grüsse aus Mieste besonders an Luise. Staune über die schönen Pferde und freue mich über euch netten Leute. Viel Spass noch in Neuseeland. Bis bald Siggi und Georg
Date: 28.3.2005
Author: Claire Revell
Location: New Zealand, Taihape
Hello I love Hanovarians I have one of my own and he is by Distelfink, and he is just awesome! Your website is cool
Date: 15.3.2005
Author: Kiki
Location: germany
Hallo Ihr Lieben, haben Eure Seite durch Zufall entdeckt und nutzen die Chance Euch ganz lieb zu grüssen!!!!!!!! Ein Lebenszeichen von Euch wäre super. Kiki, Andrea, Dominique und Nicola
Date: 10.3.2005
Author: Nina Maubach
Location: Rendel
Hallo Bernie und Jutta!

Viele Grüße aus dem schönen Rendel an alle von den Maubach´s. Wie gehts Euch?
Liebe Grüße Nina
P.S. : Tolle Homepage!
Date: 8.3.2005
Author: BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books
Location: Australia
I liked your site, really informative website, some good links too. http://www.bspgallery.com.au
Date: 5.3.2005
Author: debbie
Location: wanganui
hello, just moved here from u.k. very keen dressage rider, would love to visit you one day to see you'r family of horses, also will be interested in talking to you about lessons.
Date: 2.3.2005
Author: Liam Hernandez
Location: Washington
Nice job, keep up the great work.
Date: 25.2.2005
Author: Hans Werner Reisdorf
Location: Neuenhausen
Hallo Berny Maubach,
Bei der Recherche nach mehr Infos zum Gut Vollrath bin ich auf Ihr Seite gestoßen. Wir, der Jägerzug Vollrath aus Neuenhausen, feiern in diesem Jahr unser 25jähriges Bestehen. Ursula Reisdorf, Journalistin, wird mit Ihnen Kontakt aufnehmen und hoffentlich einige interessante Dinge erfahren, die unsere Vereinschronik bereichern können.
Mit einem
dreifachen kip vott
Date: 17.2.2005
Author: Kevin
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee USA
You have some magnificent horses. The best horse that ever owned me was a Hanoverian, they are a wonderful breed, and it looks as though you have done well with yours, thank you for sharing them with us.
Date: 13.2.2005
Author: Charlotte de Boer
Location: Auckland
Hi, I am looking for a hack approx 16hh - 16.3 hh. I am keen on a great jumper. Please let me know if you can accomodate me. Many thanks, Charlotte
Date: 17.1.2005
Author: Emily Latimer
Location: Mt. Sterling, KY... US
Hi. I have looked through this website and I like it a lot. Your horses are pretty.
Date: 13.1.2005
Author: Anna Low
Location: Waitakere, NZ
Wordwide has outdone himself yet again with his stunning colt out of our Kingsway Diamond mare Ember. We are very very happy with our little wee man thanks guys!!! Fire engine red with a huge beautiful blaze and born on Christmas Day. How could we call him anything but Weihnachtsmann (which means Father Christmas in German) What a mouthful, but what a colt! www.wownz.co.nz
Date: 5.1.2005
Author: Tamika
Location: Central Coast(Australia)
your site is great.... thanks....
Date: 5.1.2005
Author: De Valck-De Groof
Location: Belgium
I've found your webside because I was curious to see something of New Zealand



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