Devil’s Own xx – Detektiv: The famous D-line

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The foundation sire of the modern D-line was the chestnut stallion Detektiv, who stood at stud from 1926 – 1943 leaving (for NZ relevant) the chestnuts Dolman (1933) and Dwinger (1939)

The German Stud Book splits the Dolman-line in two:

The D-line (2) with Doemitz I (1943) who had two famous sons Domspatz (1952) – 3 licensed stallions

leaving Diskus (1970) –

Distelfink (1978) also in the dam lines of Genius (1980) & Witzbold (1975)

In Australia Domherr (1971) & Daktylus (1979)

And the immensely successful Dominik (1957) – 67 licensed stallions –

Don Carlos (1962) leaving

Dynamo (1974) – Dynamit (1981)

Dynamo is also represented in Anamour’s sire’s dam line

The D-line (1) with Duellant (1942) – 42 licensed stallions – who features prominently in the sire’s dam lines of Genius & Dynamit and the dam’s sire line of Distelfink.

In Australia Duellschuetz (1971)

Doemitz progeny are mainly found in the jumping ring.

Dominik offspring produced via the sheer number of licensed stallions a multitude of equestrian talent.

Duellant is famous for leaving very good dressage horses.

Dwinger is not very famous in his own right. However, through careful selection & crossing of existing bloodlines (Dwinger – Diskant – Disput –Donnerwetter – Donnerhall – Dream of Glory – Dream Boy ) he became the foundation sire of the very modern dressage line of Donnerhall, Grand sire of Dream Boy.

In theory this must mean that in NZ we can – using the correct bloodline matching – produce any type of successful equestrian horse. The practice backs this up – the list of honour for individual horses would grow too long, all our stallions have produced outstanding performance horses:

Witzbold (jumping & dressage), Distelfink (jumping/eventing), Genius (dressage & jumping), Dynamit (dressage). Anamour is coming through and Dream Boy’s progeny are still too young. But certainly they will follow the New Zealand trend of success. The horse world is – for the addict – fantastic and not so. We all know of tragedies.

But where there is shadow there must be sun or is it “son”?

When Dynamit died in November 1998, his colt DORNKAAT out of Delphi by Distelfink/Crown Lease xx, was just two weeks old. Dornkaat grew into a stunning young fellow, branded in April 1999 by Manfred Lopp, who suggested rearing him as a colt and presenting him again in two years time.

This took place in March 2001 at Bilbar Lodge. Just 30 months old, splendidly presented by Jutta Rosenblatt he showed himself off and Herr Lopp gave this report:

“The young stallion is very well developed and has a striking head. However still a little lacking the stallion expression (two year old!). He is endowed with a nice long, well-muscled neck and a clearly defined wither reaching far in to the back. His saddle position and shoulder are well developed; showing a big frame with long, clear lines. His front legs are strong and well formed, and his hind legs are correct with powerful hocks. The breed type is clearly recognizable. He shows elasticity and good freedom of the shoulder as well as a confident ground-covering walk. Overall impression: A well-framed, strong and well-muscled young stallion on solid foundation with ground-covering walk. Elastic trot and good freedom of the shoulder.”

Needless to say how pleased we were with this assessment. Dornkaat is jet black with four white stockings and he already has developed into a real athlete. Jutta Rosenblatt will manifest his already decent manners – going under saddle by the end of this summer.

Our disappointment was great as anyone would imagine when we quite quickly found out that Dornkaat produced millions of sperm, however very little, which we like to call “no motility”.

The decision was made after examination of several ejaculates to turn our beautiful stallions into a gelding. We are sure that Dornkaat will have a great future as a sporthorse.



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