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Date: 14.8.2006
Author: Sandra Stanford
Location: Auckland, NZ
Hi Berny & Jutta,
I always love visiting your website, and thought I should scream your praises in words online.
I have a wonderful boy by the amazing "Dynamit", 'Aero Dynamic' and have had some of the most amazing experiences with him, and have also had the pleasure of training with Leigh Wills who adores him. Between the two of them I have learnt so much, and am now officially a Hano-addict!
Would love to breed with Lessing, he looks divine.
Congratulations on a fantastic website... love the reading and of course the pictures. Keep up the good work.
Best regards, Sandra
PS. you might have seen him in the H&P in June - we had the dream lesson :o)

ANSWER: yes I did see the dream lesson and I cut it all out for his scrap book - You are right Sandra = LESSING is devine .. the mosty amazing Stallion I have ever bought!
:o) Berny M.
Date: 23.7.2006
Author: Ruby Fuller
Location: Australia
I would just like to say as a dressage rider that your breed is lovely and I would definitly consider your breed and a new type of horse to compete on!
Date: 8.7.2006
Author: Ryszard
Location: Poland
Very good shots !
Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of beautiful horses !

Best regards
Date: 4.6.2006
Author: Robert (Bob) C. Steger
Location: Brownwood, Texas
I enjoyed your website. I like to keep in touch with various breeds of horses and other classes of livestock. I have a BS in Animal Husbandry from Texas A&M. Just trying to stay up to date.
Bob Steger
Date: 25.5.2006
Author: smith
Location: USA
Appreciate the hard work on this site.This inter web page is one of the best around.keep the good work up.

Date: 24.5.2006
Author: Anna Low
Location: Waitakere
Hi Bernie and Jutta,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how fantastic our Worldwide youngster is!
(Rising 2yo) Stunning liver chestnut just like his Dad, and floats above the ground. He is also the only horse to jump out of our yards when being weaned and joined the herd on his terms. We have never had a horse of this calibre on the property and he really stands out.
I hope to have some shots of him in the near future for you. Thanks again!
Date: 13.5.2006
Author: Steve Chick
Location: England
Hi, found you at last. Its Steve the Horse Dentist & Healer from UK
Enjoyed my visit with Shirl Calder, great pleasure to meet you both and for your hospitality. I intend visiting again this year or at worst in April 2007 for EMRT course I am currently investigating Emigrating to the South Island. Still close enough to visit, discuss old cops n robbers and admire your wonderful stocklines.

Enjoyed your site too but no dogs to pet !

Till when...

Steve Chick.Dorset.UK

Date: 12.5.2006
Author: Frankie
Location: New Zealand
Berny & Jutta ~ thank you so much for helping me to find a Worldwide baby to "play with" over winter. Look forward to bringing him out when he "leaves school" ! Hope I can do him justice.....Thoroughly enjoyed our visit - wish I was at least two hands higher so I could buy a Lessing baby later on ! He is STUNNING. Heaps of luck with him ! Looking forward to seeing you in the arena Jutta. Thanks again.

Frankie - we are sure that you will do him justice - go on and MAKE your own luck, you certainly have the 'material' at hand! Cheers Berny & Jutta
Date: 29.4.2006
Author: Ashleigh Henwood
Location: Auckland
I love your website it has so much infomation. Your horse Vollrath Dornkaat looks spectacular and I wish I could buy him, he's awesome, congratulations on your success with him! The rest of your horses, especially your stallions are beautiful.
Very best of luck for the future.
Date: 13.4.2006
Author: Nicola Boland
Location: Whitemans Valley
After viewing the website and finding all kinds of interesting and useful material we have recently enjoyed a visit to the stud to drop our mare off. The paddocks and horses were all in immaculate condition. Many very tempting horses meant it was difficult to drive away with the truck empty! Doornkat and Winnetou particularly are fabulous and the stallions displayed their beautiful temperaments and good training. We look forward to many dealings with Vollrath.
Date: 22.3.2006
Author: Elana
Location: South Africa
Hi there. Your website and the information that you have posted on it, is fabulous! It was a real treat for me to browse though you website, and it was a real pleasure to enter the information in such an efficient manner. I also own a Hanoverian, which is of course South African bred. Anyway, well done for such an amazing website, and you have the most beautiful, pure Hanoverian horses! Greetings
Date: 7.3.2006
Author: Christine McLay
Location: Oamaru
Hi Jutta & Berny, Lessing looks fantastic!
Also congratulations on your recent Dressage success with Dornkaat.
Your website is top-class.
All the best. Christine.
Date: 23.2.2006
Author: Peter Bungartz
Location: Grevenbroich
Hallo Bernd, Eure Website ist toll, unterhaltsam, informativ und sehr umfangreich (welch eine Arbeit !) Auch auf diesem Wege: alles Gute
Date: 30.1.2006
Author: Marnie Moon
Location: England
When I come to New Zealand I will definately come to visit, do you know this brand mark vMN with a line over the top of the v

no I don't ... Berny
Date: 5.1.2006
Author: Karen
Location: Hamilton
Just got ta say WOW !!! WOW !!! what outstanding boys you have Lessing is amazing looking. I hope to breed to him next season, he is so lovely - what a great site :0) Karen





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